Champion of the Sector

Trustees and Senior Management were in attendance at the Voluntary Action Sheffield Make a Difference Awards 2018 on Thursday night to celebrate the ‘quiet heroes’ who serve the people of Sheffield through charitable endeavours. FareShare Yorkshire was shortlisted in the final category of the evening and truly honoured to be presented the Champion of the Sector Award by Lord Blunkett.

O&D Manager Jonathan Williams said “This award is a recognition of the outstanding work done by volunteers at FareShare Yorkshire in providing surplus food for vital frontline projects across the city five days a week. We have volunteers who drive across Sheffield, delivering food, day in and day out, and many employability learners who sort food in a cold warehouse in the heart of winter ready to be dispatched. They are the true recipients of this award – the quiet heroes who we were honoured to represent at the awards evening.”

This is the third award that the charity has been awarded this year in addition to the Duke of York’s Community Initiative Award and Yorkshire Bank’s Spirit of the Community Award.


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