Networks and Partnerships

The networks that we work with include:

Barnsley Food Access Network – Co-ordinators of the Barnsley Healthy Holidays campaign, we also support the access network with the feeding Britain campaign and DofE.

Feeding Bradford – The network provides food to families who require support and aid. They have a a vast amount of volunteers and receive donations of food .

End Hunger UK – Fareshare campaign alongside end hunger UK to try end hunger throughout the UK. You can visit their website here: End Hunger UK   

Feeding Britain – We work alongside Feeding Britain as an organisation and campaign for more food support for children during the summer holidays. You can visit their website here: Feeding Britain

Rotherham Food in Crisis – The Rotherham Food for People in Crisis (FiC) Partnership work tirelessly to support people in crisis. Last year approximately 4000 people, including families had access to food. The FiC Partnership are supported by a range of organisations, including support from the Rotherham Borough Council and food provided by FareShare Yorkshire.

Leeds Food Aid Network – exists to help bring different people, initiatives and institutions together who are involved in tackling food poverty in the city of Leeds.

Leeds food partnership- Leeds food partnership celebrates good food and helps out in cities to address health issues such as malnutrition and obesity. You can visit their website here: Leeds Food Partnership  Image result for partnerships

Sustainable Cities- Fareshare support sustainable cities efforts in Leeds and Bradford to help their population centres gain bronze status.

270,000 tonnes of perfectly edible food gets wasted by the food industry each year.

That’s enough for nearly 650,000,000 meals

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