We currently collect 45 tonnes of food each month that food partners are unable to deliver to one of our warehouses.

We can collect surplus food from your company and redistribute it to vital frontline services so they can do the magic part:

How it works

  • Using a refrigerated 7.5 tonne lorry we can collect ambient, chilled, frozen and produce from food partners and take it to our Leeds or Barnsley warehouses.
  • From there, the food is logged on our database GLADYS for traceability in case you ever want to run a recall
  • It’s then stored in racking, chillers or freezers and immediately made available to charities and community groups for collection or delivery.
  • This solution has enabled manufacturers and distributors to redistribute their surplus for the care of vulnerable people rather than wasting it. Many food companies save thousands and in some cases tens of thousands of pounds each year and get a chance to do the right thing at the same time.
  • We currently collect a lot of fruits and vegetables, surplus bread, many gallons of milk, cheese, eggs, dried ambient like cereals and snack bars, baked goods, pasta and noodles, ham slices and ready meals.

How you can help

  • We have retailer permissions from all major supermarkets so even if your surplus food is branded we can still ensure it doesn’t go to waste.
  • Even if your surplus only has 3 days life we can usually collect and redistribute it within 48 hours.
  • To explore how our lorry can help your food business redistribute surplus food, prevent waste and benefit thousands of people across Yorkshire, please contact Hannah Bradley on 01226 755 624 or email hannahbradley@fareshareyorkshire.org

270,000 tonnes of perfectly edible food gets wasted by the food industry each year.

That’s enough for nearly 650,000,000 meals

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