Fundraising Campaign Returns

We are thrilled to announce that our Big Give fundraising page is live!

This Spring, FareShare Yorkshire have teamed up with the Big Give, with support from Bettys & Taylors Group, for the Green Match Fund. All donations that are put through on the fundraising page over the course of the next 6 days will be match funded and go towards the purchase of pallet nets and pallet bands.

In a mission to become more environmentally-friendly and reduce waste, we plan to eliminate the use of single use plastic wrap and instead replace it with reusable pallet nets and rubber banding. The nets can be used thousands of times and have previously proven to be safer and crucially, stronger, than average pallet wrap. For pallets of stock that are unable to be netted, the reusable pallet bands will again prove to be a better option in many ways for storing our much-needed stock.

Our aim is to 100% eradicate the use of plastic wrap, not only making the planet happier, but allowing us to save funds that we are currently using on plastic wrap and reinvesting it to expand our work with the community food members we support across the Yorkshire.

To find out more about this exciting campaign, click here.

For more information on the work of Betty & Taylors Group, click here.

270,000 tonnes of perfectly edible food gets wasted by the food industry each year.

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