Rethink Food: a Fareshare Yorkshire case study

“We believe that everyone should be able to live a food secure life.”

Rethink Food is a curriculum enrichment programme, supporting local schools and community groups by giving them access to quality food and food education.

“We deliver to local primary schools once a week so that they can distribute to families most in need.” says Chris Green, Operations Manager at Rethink Food. “We supply community groups with weekly food provision for cooking or food parcels and also offer collection of food parcels from our site.”

We asked Chris if the Cost of Living crisis has had an impact on their organisation.

“Petrol and utilities have risen noticeably,” says Chris. “On a wider view, we have seen a sharp increase in demand for our services. Food levels are tight too, so we have to manage our output.”

Rethink Food have committed to delivering 10 million hours of education in support of improved food security for children and young people by 2030. They have based their progressive programme around four main pillars of food security: Availability of food. Accessibility of food. Utilisation of food. Sustainability of food.

Chris also sent over a fantastic volunteer case study from Michelle, who has been involved with Rethink Food for a number of years.

“Michelle has volunteered with Rethink Food since 2018, through a volunteer open day. This gave her an overview of the different opportunities and roles available when volunteering with us. Quickly, she saw first-hand how the food at the warehouse helps families and community groups access food and the changes in the community over the last few years.”

Chris also tells us how much Rethink Food appreciate the support from FareShare Yorkshire.

“Without the food we receive from FareShare Yorkshire, we would really struggle to support as many people as we do.”

270,000 tonnes of perfectly edible food gets wasted by the food industry each year.

That’s enough for nearly 650,000,000 meals

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