Health for All Cranmore & Raylands: feedback from their beneficiaries…

Health For All, one of our Leeds-based community food members, recently got some feedback from those that access their food provision and extended support. The food deliveries from FareShare Yorkshire go into their food pantry, assisting anyone who finds themselves in financial crisis.


Beneficiaries were asked: “How do you feel using the food pantry has impacted your daily life?”

  • I feel healthier.
  • It helps me save money.
  • It’s very good, it helps me put more food on the table.
  • It’s good for my daily life, I get to see people.
  • It has helped me out economically in many ways and I could save money for clothing instead of food.
  • I have peace of mind knowing that even if I have no money, I will have access to staple foods we need. It also felt a safe place to ask questions and look for other support.
  • It helped to keep food bills down and helped to top up food.
  • It is huge support especially as I am not working now.
  • It completely helps our family to eat and live better.
  • It helped due to sudden job loss, I was laid off with no warning.


Beneficiaries were then asked: “What 3 words do you think best describe the pantry?”

  • Friendly and helpful.
  • Local, convenient, cheap.
  • Serve with (a) smile.
  • Food, good mood.
  • Helpful, kind, gracious.
  • Friendly, supportive, safe.
  • Helps save lives.
  • Useful, helpful, nutritious.
  • Helpful, saviour, surprise.
  • Helpful, friendly, convenient.
  • Helpful, friendly, welcoming.
  • Community, volunteer, support.
  • Friendly, supportive, accepting.
  • Supportive, amazing, blessing.


You can read more about the incredible work Health For All do by clicking here.

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