A FareShare Yorkshire Feel Good Story: CFM Feedback

We have an absolutely wonderful array of community food members (CFMs), who receive a range of ambient, fresh, chilled and frozen surplus from our warehouses. Most receive deliveries, of which our volunteers are always more than happy to help unload the items and stop for a chat. Some collect directly from the warehouse, where they are still met with a friendly smile and an offer of help in packing their order into their collection vehicle.

With the return of the cold months, we recently asked our CFMs for some feedback on the items that benefit them the most during the Winter, as well as the impact our support has had on their organisation during the Cost of Living Crisis. Here’s just a handful of highlights.

Norfolk CPS Sheffield:

“I deliver food parcels after school to our most vulnerable families and I have witnessed children as young as 2 or 3 waiting with anticipation. At times they have cheered when they see the items in the box.”


“Over the last 4 weeks we have seen a great increase in the demand for emergency food parcels with people struggling with the Cost of Living Crisis. Receiving the food from FareShare Yorkshire really helps us to help people in need in our community. We are truly grateful for your support.”

Station House:

“Having some store cupboard ingredients means that when we get fresh food from FareShare Yorkshire, we can do so much more with it. It gives us that opportunity to create a much wider range of meals for the children.”

Clifton Green Primary:

“Not only do the deliveries help our community, but the healthy food we receive helps the children concentrate. Healthy food, healthy body, healthy minds.”

DN7 Foodbank:

The DN7 Foodbank really love ambient food over the Christmas period. It so helps the people who visit over this expensive time of year, whether it be heating bills or gifts for family. Your additional help can be the difference between debt and people able to make ends meet. Much appreciated.”

Calderdale Supported Lodgings:

“FareShare Yorkshire is a vital resource we just couldn’t be without for our families, sometimes who arrive with very little. Being able to provide good food options to them and of course the odd little treat is so needed and welcomed. Thank you.”


“At PAFRAS we support people seeking asylum as they navigate the UK asylum process. During this time, Home Office rules dictate that our clients have No Recourse to Public Funds and no right to work. This means that many of our clients are destitute or at risk of being made destitute at extremely short notice. The support from FareShare Yorkshire, alongside the local community means that we can provide up to 80 food parcels a week to individuals and families who are living in a state of enforced destitution. Your support is absolutely critical to keeping people in our local community alive and able to continue in their struggle for sanctuary in the UK.”

Good Food Keighley:

“All food received via FareShare Yorkshire has an important impact, in that it helps weekly to allow us to provide food to the individuals and families in the surrounding area suffering with the Cost of Living Crisis, plus allowing them to have a meal each day. Many of the customers express their thanks to us for being there, we can only be there thanks to your supply of food, so I pass those thankyou’s onto yourselves.”

St Wilfreds:

“I produce a varied 2 course meal each day mainly consisting of a main course and a pudding. Occasionally I will do a soup with fresh vegetables and a dessert when we have lots of vegetables. The fruit is given to clients daily, although once a week I will try to do a treat meal, something with chips. We mostly aim to give a healthy balanced meal. I also have in mind that for some, this is their only meal of the day so I try to make it substantial. We also make fresh fruit salads and even a ploughman’s style meal with ham and salads, plus any pork pies that come our way!”


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