FareShare GO

FareShare GO ensures that charities and community groups are safely matched with a local retailer store and are fully supported in getting the most out of their local food collections.   Significant investment has been made in the people and technology required to deliver a reliable and well managed programme. Together we hope to share our learning so that FareShare can then help others to adapt the solution to meet their needs.


FareShare has partnered with the Irish Social Enterprise FoodCloud to develop this new scheme bringing together technology and the on the ground support required to deliver a simple and safe solution.

FareShare brings its unique knowledge of the UK charity food redistribution market and its experience of providing food as well as the support required to deliver a simple and safe solution. FoodCloud brings its knowledge of the technology and online applications needed to connects businesses that have surplus food to charities in their community.

We are seeking charities, organisations and schools to sign up to take part over the coming weeks. If you’re a charity or community group that uses food to support people, please contact Chris Allen to register your interest in collecting good quality food through FareShare GO  – for free!