What does FareShare Yorkshire do?

FareShare Yorkshire is a charity that takes in surplus food from the food industry and delivers it across Yorkshire to organisations working with vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the community.

Do you give food to individuals in need?

No, FareShare only gives food to other organisations, such as food banks, homeless day centres, children’s centres, lunch clubs and supported housing schemes, where the food is then passed directly to their clients. To become members and receive food, organisations are required to meet certain criteria to ensure that the group is working with vulnerable people and the food we provide is reaching those most in need.

Where do you get your food from?

We work in partnership with the UK Food Industry and our food comes from a range of different points along the supply chain, from growers and manufacturers to distributors, wholesalers, retailers and cafes. Examples of just some of the companies we regularly work with are Tesco, ASDA, Coop, ABP Food Group, Arla, Kerry Foods plus hundreds more.

How can I donate food?

Whilst the majority of the food we get comes from the food industry, we are always grateful to receive donations of non-perishable food items from the public. You can drop food to our warehouse at Unit 14 Aldham Industrial Estate, Wombwell, Barnsley S73 8HA or FareShare in Leeds, Knowsthorpe Gate, Leeds, LS9 0NP.

I know a food business that has a lot of waste. What can I do?

Talk to us today! We can help food companies identify opportunities to capture food surpluses within their supply chain and redistribute this food for consumption. The FareShare network strictly adheres to food safety regulation so you can be confident in working with us.

I have heard of FareShare in other parts of the country. Are you a local or a national charity?

FareShare Yorkshire is a registered independent charity. FareShare is a national network of 21 independent Regional Centres, who all work together within an established frame work of operating standards and work towards a shared mission. We fundraise and source food on a local level but much of the food surplus is procured at a national level.

What can I do to help?

There are lots of different ways you can get involved in the project and support the fight against food poverty and prevention of waste, whether it is by giving time and money or sharing your networks or expertise. Sparing some time to volunteer with us is a brilliant way to support your local community. Getting involved in fundraising or making a regular or one-off donation helps us keep our vans out on the road and the warehouse over our heads.

Is it free to receive food from FareShare?

Our member organisations pay a small annual fee to contribute towards some of the running costs of the project. If you would like to discuss this on behalf of a charitable organisation, get in touch today.

Where does my donation go?

100% of your donation goes straight into the FareShare Yorkshire to support us to redistribute surplus food to community groups supporting vulnerable people. Our main expenses are our vehicle running costs, warehouse rental and operations and staff and volunteer costs and training. Our work could not continue without funding for these core costs

I want to help out. Is it best to give money or food?

We are always extremely grateful for donations of non-perishable food and it helps us ensure consistent deliveries to our member organisations. However, as the majority of the food we receive is surplus from the food industry, we can make your cash donations go much further through enabling us to store and deliver food donated from companies.

Do you have any vacancies?

We do not currently have any job vacancies but keep checking here for current opportunities.